Volunteer Opportunities at RVCA
General Inquiries If you would like to know more about general volunteer opportunities at RVCA, e-mail Rosie at rosie.maclean@rvca.ca
adrienne.lewis@rvca.ca Volunteer Opportunity — Headwater Sampling

Our Aquatics team is looking for some volunteers to help us with our headwater sampling. This protocol measures zero and first order headwater drainage features. It is a rapid assessment method characterizing the amount of water, sediment transport, and storage capacity within headwater drainage features (HDF).

We anticipate sampling to commence on March 27 through to April 13 .

We will be sending two crews of three out each day to complete our headwater sampling work in the following watersheds:

•Tay River watershed
• City Stream Watch systems – Steven’s Creek, Becketts Creek and Pinecrest Creek

It is a full day commitment. If you wish to join us please send me an email to adrienne.lewis@rvca.ca and we will work you in to our schedule. It’s a great way to see parts of the watershed that you may not be too familiar with.