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2015 City Stream Watch Summary Report
Barrhaven Creek Summary Report 2015
Bilberry Creek Summary Report 2015
Mosquito Creek Summary Report 2015
Stillwater Creek Summary Report 2015

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The City Stream Watch Program is always looking for new volunteers to help monitor, protect and clean up Ottawa streams. There is no experieince needed an no minimum time commitment required.

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  For more information on City Stream Watch projects or how to become a volunteer please contact:

Justin Robert
Acting City Stream Watch Co-ordinator
613-692-3571 ext. 1194


In 2016 the City Stream Watch Program plans to sample Brassils, Greens, Graham and McEwan Creeks. The 2016 sampling season will focus on stream assessment, fish community sampling and will also include cleanup, planting, sampling/identification sessions and invasive species removal. For more updates on the program and how to get involved or contact the Program Coordinator at citystreamwatch@rvca.ca.


The City Stream Watch Program is a community-based partnership which includes the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority, Heron Park Community Association, Ottawa Flyfishers Society, Rideau Roundtable, Canadian Forces Fish and Game Club, Ottawa Stewardship Council, City of Ottawa and the National Capital Commission.

The goal of the program is to obtain, record, and manage valuable information on the physical and biological characteristics of creeks and streams in the City of Ottawa, while ensuring that they are respected and valued natural features of the communities through which they flow. To this end, the program relies on and encourages the interest and commitment of volunteers from the community, guided by an experienced coordinator, to learn and conduct macro stream assessments on local waterways, participate in sampling fish communities through seining, and assist in stream clean-ups and stream rehabilitation projects.

CSW programThe City Stream Watch program uses stream characterization protocols originally developed by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources. Officials at the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority, to facilitate its use by community volunteers, have since altered the protocol. Development of the protocol was essential, as volunteer groups consist of people with a variety of educational backgrounds and experiences.  

From its inception in 2003 the City Stream Watch Program has grown and expanded its studies to sample more urban streams and offer volunteers the chance to work on many different projects. Volunteer numbers have grown each year. In 2015, 315 community volunteers worked a total of 941 hours on a number of different projects on city streams!


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In 2012, City Stream Watch celebrated its 10th anniversary of environmental monitoring, stewardship and community collaboration in the Rideau Valley. Dignitaries, special guests and staff gathered at the Rideau Valley Conservation Center on December 13, 2012 to celebrate this important milestone for the program. "The program is unique as it collects field information through hardworking and dedicated volunteers," said collaborative member and RVCA Project Manager, Jennifer Lamoureux. "We are very grateful to our many program sponsors, but most of all to the 1,300 volunteers who have invested over 9,000 hours into the program. It is an impressive commuity investment into the health of our local streams and creeks."

The Stream Watch program is constantly evolving and implementing new projects for volunteers to get involved with. Below is a list of some of the projects volunteers have participated in.

  • City Stream Watch training workshops to train volunteers on sampling methods
  • Fish sampling and identification sessions through seine netting, electrofishing, fyke nets and windemere traps
  • Riparian tree planting on failed banks and eroded sections of stream
  • Benthic macroinvertebrate sampling and identification sessions
  • Stream assessments on various streams throughout the City of Ottawa (ongoing from May – October)
  • Stream cleanups to rid streams of non-natural garbage and debris
  • Temperature profiling of city streams
  • Ultimate Aquatic Workshop: benthic i.d. and flyfishing demonstrations with the Ottawa Flyfishers Society and RVCA staff
  • Invasive species removal
  • Bioengineering project to mitigate erosion and enhance riparian habitat

The City Stream Watch program also extends its efforts to get high schools, scout troops and other community groups educated and involved in environmental monitoring

  For more information on projects or how to become a volunteer please contact:

Chelsey Ellis
City Stream Watch Co-ordinator
613-692-3571 ext. 1180

2014 Reports
2014 City Stream Watch Summary Report
Black Rapids Creek Summary Report 2014
Cardinal Creek Summary Report 2014
Mud Creek Summary Report 2014
Sawmill Creek Summary Report 2014

2013 Reports
2013 City Stream Watch Summary Report
Hunt Club Creek 2013 Summary Report
Ramsay Creek 2013 Summary Report
Voyageur Creek 2013 Summary Report
Borthwick Creek 2013 Summary Report
Cranberry Creek 2013 Summary Report

2012 Reports
2012 City Stream Watch Summary Report
Ottawa East Tributary 2012 Summary Report
Black Creek 2012 Summary Report
Mud Creek (GCk) 2012 Summary Report
Nepean Creek 2012 Summary Report
Taylor Creek 2012 Summary Report

2011 Reports
2011 City Stream Watch Summary Report
Becketts Creek 2011 Summary Report
Pinecrest Creek 2011 Summary Report
Stevens Creek 2011 Summary Report

2010 Reports
2010 City Stream Watch Annual Report includes McEwan Creek, Brassils Creek, Graham Creek and Greens Creek
2010 Bioengineering Project, Graham Creek

2009 Report
2009 City Stream Watch Annual Report
• Stillwater Creek Mini Report 2009
• Barrhaven Creek Mini Report 2009
• Bilberry Creek Mini Report 2009
• Mosquito Creek Mini Report 2009

Archived Reports
• 2008 City Stream Watch Annual Report
2007 City Stream Watch Annual Report
2006 City Stream Watch Annual Report
• 2005 City Stream Watch Annual Report
• 2004 City Stream Watch Annual Report
• 2003 City Stream Watch Annual Report

Archived News
TD Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup in Ottawa — Call for volunteers for Saturday, September 19
TD Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup in Ottawa — Call for Volunteers for Monday, September 22
The Ultimate Aquatic Workshop: RIver Bugs and Fly Fishing, opportunity for volunteers
Sawmill Creek Clean Up Phase 2 — Call for volunteers for Saturday, September 6th
Check YourWatershed Day, July 19…read more.
Fish Sampling/ID Session! Call for Volunteers…read more.
Presentation: Riparian Tree Planting 2008
City Stream Watch 2007 Annual Report (please right click to download the report)
City Stream Watch and Boy Scouts Team Up to Clean Up Local Creeks
• Another Successful Cleanup on Sawmill Creek

Riparian Planting
• Initiative - UPDATE
(3.5 MB PowerPoint Presentation)

Past City Streamwatch Events

City Stream Watch Newsletter for Volunteers Spring 2012
Press Release — May 3, 2012 Volunteer "Scientists" Wanted for City Stream Watch Program — No Experience Required!
City Stream Watch Riparian Planting 2009
Hightlights from the 2009 City Stream Watch Field Season

Volunteer City Stream Watch Training Days — May 10 & 24, 2008
Community Shoreline Tree Plant on Sawmill Creek — May 4, 2008
Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup on Samill Creek a Huge Success!
Ocean Day Cleanup on Pinecrest Creek a Huge Success!!
Riparian Tree Planting (PowerPoint Slide Show 3.74 mb)
• Greens Creek Cleanup PowerPoint Slide show, download it here
(3 mb)



  Thank you very much to our sponsors over the past years!  
  • Natural Resources Canada, Science and Technology internship
  • Earth Day Canada Community Environment Fund
    RBC Blue Water Project
  • Monterey Inn Resort and Conference Centre
  • Ottawa Riverkeeper
  • Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources
  • Ontario Trillium Foundation
  • Canada Lands Company
  • Evergreen
  • City of Ottawa—Parks Dept.
  • Farm Boy
  • TD Friends of the Environment Foundation
  • Pinecrest Golf Course
  • Rona (Innes Road)
  • Home Depot (South Keys)
  • Fisheries and Oceans Canada
  • Trinity Development Foundation
  • Bushtukah Great Outdoor Gear
  • Shell Environmental Fund