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Planning and Regulations Fees

2017 Fee Schedule (effective Januay 1, 2017) — Click here to download 2017 fees.

If you have any questions regarding the fee schedule, please contact Glen McDonald, Director of Planning — glen.mcdonald@rvca.ca

    Regulations Progam
    For details on various Regulations and Permits, click here. Click on the name below to download the form
    Policies Regarding Development Including the Construciton / Reconstruction of Building and Structures, Placing of Fill and Alterations to Waterways Under Section 28 of the Conservation Authorities Act of Ontario
    Ontario Regulation 174/06 — Rideau Valley Conservation Authority: Regulation of Developement, Intererence with Wetlands and Alterations to Shorelines and Watercourses
    Minimum Application Requirement
    Application Form — Ontario Regulation 174/06
    Schedule A, Schedule B, Schedule C, Schedule D — Fees
    Section 28 of the Conservation Authorities Act of OntarioExecutive Committee Rules of Procedure
    Property Inquiry Form
    Planning Program

To learn more about the Planning, Regulations and Permits, click here.


Click on the
name to your right to download
the form


Sediment/Erosion Control
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Fisheries Act


Ottawa Septic System Office

On behalf of Mississippi Valley Conservation, Rideau Valley Conservation Authority
and South Nation Conservation.

For details on these forms visit the Ottawa Septic Sytem Office web page, click here.
General Septic Information
1. Septic Smart: Understanding Your Home's Septic System
2. Fact Sheet: Updated Sewage System Installation Information
3. Fact Sheet: Agency List & Time Frames for Septic Records
4. Fact Sheet: General Ottawa Septic System Office Inquires
5. Fact Sheet: General Treatment Unit Inquires
6. Fact Sheet: Homeowner’s Guide to Closing Down a Private Septic System in the City of Ottawa
7. Decommissioning Requirements for Out-of-Service Septic Systems
8. Septic System Service Record
9. Code of Conduct
Design Information and Contacts
10. List of Engineers
11. Residential Design Flow
12. Septic System Criteria
13. Treatment Unit Service Providers
Permits, Forms and Fees
14. OSSO Fee Schedule (effective April 3, 2017)
15. Sewage System Application
16. Part 10 & 11 Renovation Application
17. Septic Record Search Form
18. Septic System Decommissioning Form
19. Inspection Request Form
20. "As Built" Form
21. Maintenance Agreement for Holding Tanks
22. OBC 2012 Filter Specifications
23. Application for a Permit to Construct or Demolish — Component Replacement ONLY
24. Application for a Permit to Construct or Demolish — Effluent and Filter and/or Risers
25. Septic Smart (Book 1 and Book 2)
26. Separation Distances
Licensing for Installers


Ontario building code regulations www.e-laws.gov.on.ca
Industry Contacts ( Septic System Installers,
Regulators, Designers)
City of Ottawa www.ottawa.ca
  Mississippi-Rideau Septic System Office

Click on the
name to your right to download
the form
  1. Sewage System Application Class 4-5
  2. Change of Use - Renovation Application Pt 10-11
  3. Tank Replacement Application
  4. Sewage System Application Class 2
  5. Effluent Filter Application
  6. Compliance Alternative Application
  7. Inspection Request Form
  8. 2017 Fee Schedule
  9. Maintenance Agreement for Holding Tanks
  10. SepticSmart — Understanding Your Home's Septic System
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