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The Rideau Valley Conservation Authority participates in the planning activities of other agencies and with municipalities and private and public development interests in a proactive, co-ordinated manner. The Authority promotes early awareness and understanding of its policies and programs pertaining to the conservation and management of watershed resources and provincial policies and guidelines. In most instances this involvement is required as a result of regulations passed under the authority of Ontario's Planning Act.

Where watershed plans are not available a less comprehensive approach to resource management is necessary. Nevertheless the principles of resource management on a watershed basis will be followed as much as possible when dealing with matters involving flood plains; stormwater management; steep and/or unstable slopes and lands; the shorelines of lakes, rivers and streams; erosion; wetlands; ravine, valley, river and stream corridors; significant natural areas; groundwater; and fish habitat protection. A wide array of expertise and technical documents and guidelines provide the basis for our input.

Program Objectives

The objectives of the planning advisory program are as follows:

  1. to protect against loss of life, property damage and social disruption;
  2. to conserve, restore and manage, the natural resources of the watershed;
  3. to implement policies, technical guidelines and procedures resulting from approved watershed management plans;
  4. to maintain or improve water quality to ensure that pollution or other degradation of waterbodies is minimized or eliminated;
  5. to promote 'good planning' and conformity to approved municipal Official Plan documents where they support Authority programs;
  6. to advocate for the inclusion of Conservation Authority policies into local planning documents;
  7. to provide technical information to municipalities when available;
  8. to encourage responsible management and protection of environmentally sensitive areas (i.e. shorelines and wetlands);
  9. to protect naturally hazardous areas (i.e. flood plains and unstable slopes, soils and bedrock);
  10. to undertake responsible and effective resource management having regard to the Province of Ontario's "Provincial Policy Statement", while taking into account local conditions;
  11. to encourage a coordinated approach to land use and water management.