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Before 1977, residents of the Rideau River valley could build beside the river. Unfortunately, they discovered that the floodplain and their houses were often flooded after heavy rain.




Today the RVCA determines what types of development are permitted on flood plains of the Ottawa River within the City as well as the of the Rideau and its tributaries. These tributaries include Kemptville Creek, Jock River, Stevens Creek and the Tay River. The RVCA and municipalities along these rivers have developed local floodplain policies that promote public safety and meet community needs.

If you call us, we can tell you whether your proposed project is on the floodplain of the Ottawa and Rideau or rivers that flow into the Rideau. We can also let you know about the policies that apply under the regulations in various communities in the Rideau River watershed.

For preliminary inquiries, contact:
LandOwner Resource Centre
1.800.267.3504 (toll free in 613 exchange area)

If you have an application submitted to the RVCA regarding your project, contact:
Rideau Valley Conservation Authority
1.800.267.3504 (toll free in 613 exchange area)

Text courtesy Grand River Conservation Authority