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Spring Water Awareness Program Resources (SWAP)


  • STAY AWAY from all lakes, rivers, streams, creeks, ditches
    and ponds
  • STAY AWAY from thin ice!
  • STAY AWAY from fast moving water!
  • Water is very cold at 0˚C to 5˚C!
  • Hypothermia sets in within five to ten minutes and can be life threatening!



The RVCA is pleased to offer resources to teachers interested in promoting spring water awareness.

As the warmer spring weather approaches, snow and ice begin to melt and waterways begin to fill up with cold, fast moving water. Children are often interested in exploring rushing streams and thawing ponds during the warm days of spring. However, these areas can be unsafe and it is important to teach students the dangers of there areas.

Resources include:

  • Background information about spring flooding
  • “Safety Says” video with teacher notes
  • Activity ideas, resources, and sheets for use by classroom teachers
  • General curriculum information
  • Announcement information for use during the spring season
  • Information for students to take home during flood season
  • Posters
  • Dam safety resource materials from Ontario Power Generation
  SWAP Contacts  

Andrea Wood
Baxter Conservation Area

Rebecca Whitman
Foley Mountain Conservation Area

Thank you to our partners at Ontario Power Generation for their continued support of this important program.


  Please feel free to copy and distribute any of the information in this package. To order a print version of this package or if you have any questions about the information, please contact Rebecca Whitman, rebecca.whitman@rvca.ca at 613-273-3255 or Andrea Wood andrea.wood@rvca.ca at 613-489-3592.
    SWAP Resources for Teachers


SWAP Background Information
SWAP 8.5 x 11-inch colour poster
* SWAP 8.5 x 5.5-inch colour flyer (two per page)
SWAP 8.5 x 5.5-inch black and white flyer (two per page)
SWAP PowerPoint Presentation
SWAP Safety Announcements
SWAP Safety Extension Activities
SWAP Curriculum Connections


  How Cold is 0°C to 5°C?
  How Strong is the Current — Demonstration
  SWAP Word Search Answers
  SWAP Word Search Game
  SWAP Safe or Not Safe (colouring page)
  SWAP Home Safely Game
  SWAP Tic Tac Toe (PowerPoint)
  Safety Says Video — Thanks to Quinte Conservation and Loyalist College for the use of their “Safety Says video