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Special RVCA Projects
The LandOwner Resource Centre
Green Acres: Ottawa's Reforestation Program
Rideau Valley Rural Clean Water Project
Ottawa's Rural Clean Water Project
Rideau River Biodiversity Project

Ontario Conservation Authorities
For a listing of all Conservation Authorities, visit Conservation Ontario to get an up-to-date listing, click here.

Other Useful Sites

Big Rideau Lake Association
Ducks Unlimited
Eagle Lake Property Owner's Association
Eastern Chapter of the Society of Ontario Nut Growers
Eastern Ontario Biodiversity Museum
• Eastern Ontario Model Forest

Environment Canada
Federation of Ontario Naturalist
Friends of the Carp River
Friends of Foley Mountain
Friends of the Jock River
Friends of the Tay Watershed
Friends of the Rideau
Living By Water Project
Natural Resources Canada
Ontario Forestry Association
Ontario Woodlot Association
Rideau Residents Information
The Rideau Region Information Website
The Rideau Canal Waterway
• Rideau Environmental Action League (REAL)
• Rideau Reuses
Riverside South Community Association
Urban Rideau Conservationists